A multitude of people will be worshiping God in heaven from every tribe, every language, every nation and every family on earth.  And they love Jesus, adoring and praising Him!

Neglected people – the least, the last, the lost.  They won’t hear of Jesus until someone – maybe us – makes them a priority.  Gypsies.  Refugees.  Outcasts.  Roma.  The excluded.  The shamed.  The embarrassed.  So many live outside of society, overlooked, marginalized, judged, forgotten.  With no access to resources, and no standing, they are the downtrodden.

Who will bridge the chasm, and tell them they are also made in God’s image?  He sent one to restore them?  That His worship is incomplete without them.  That He can be trusted to bring life?

We can freely make friends and help bring life to families among the 3 Billion who have yet to hear of Jesus.  Debbie and Brett are helping ignite movements among neglected peoples to bring some of these into God’s worship.

How do we get it done? In principle,  we take our lead from Luke 10:2 and Matthew 28:18-20.  We LOOK on the fields,  we see fruit ready for harvest, and then we PRAY to God to SEND workers into His harvest. Next, we GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES among EVERY PEOPLE of the earth, baptizing them and teaching them to obey all that He commanded.  So we do that too.

In practice, we make friends.  We are looking for those people that God is already working with and making ready.  Jesus called these “People of Peace”.  As we grow in friendship we look to encourage them on their journey, helping them to see how the Lord is already at work in their life.  Eventually we will help them learn Jesus’ commands of repent, be baptized, break bread, love, pray, give  and go.  And as they get together with their friends and share the same, a movement begins.