We’ve been walking alongside frontline workers for 40+ years.  Often times we have encouraged their walk, helping them grow, praying for them, and helping over hurdles.  For some we have provided sounding board style listening, walking with them as they wrestle with challenging situations.  Some have sought out advice or coaching on how to build better marriages, enhancing skill sets, or improving communication.  Workers need all these as well, and we can help when needed.

The Good News of Jesus means that God will walk with them on this journey.  He changes people.  He answers prayer.  He washes away sin and he brings hope.  He turns difficulty into delight. 

We provide individual Pastoral Care (See #4, Launch, to see where we fit in!) for men and women in North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia.  Every month with private video calls, or personal visits, we connect and listen.  We share the burden, hear the hard stuff, and encourage.  We have built solid friendships and trust, and become the first call as our key workers seek help while they move forward.

We bring Fresh Start for friends dealing with offense, hurt and loss.  Wonderful to see the Lord meet our colleagues, and He takes them forward.  Jesus heals the hurt, and Fresh Start helps.

We lead Sozo for those wanting to clear that core event which continues to cause hurt and pain.  Let’s discover with Jesus, exactly the core cause, and then let’s have Him heal it!  

We provide Debriefing to help our workers process their experience.  Debriefing is an opportunity to share in a safe and structured process with caring, trained people, who will give ample time and space to reflect on the impact these may have on self-image, relationships and future work.  We already know Jesus as our sin-bearer, and we are glad!  But the Pain-bearer, the Shame-lifter, the Reputation-restorer, the Truth-teller – many have never found the relief for these hurts, aches, pains and false-thinking.  Jesus hears us.  We listen.  You can tell your story, we want you to be heard.  Come to the cross!